We have a worldwide network that allows us to offer not only an impressive collection, but also excellent service. Every vehicle, used or new, undergoes a thorough cleaning and reconditioning process that ensures the highest quality and care. Standard services also include stone chip repairs and leather cleaning, as well as meticulous sealing and any necessary refinishing.


Our company offers comprehensive vehicle preparation to optimally protect and maintain your vehicle. Our paint protection program uses high quality products and innovative techniques to protect the paint from scratches, discoloration and environmental damage. Additionally, we also offer vehicle wrapping with high-quality stone chip protection film to protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle from stone chips and other damage.

Our experts also specialize in leather care to keep your vehicle's interior in top condition. We use gentle cleaners and high-quality conditioning products to treat the leather to preserve its shine, suppleness, and durability. Whether it's the seats, steering wheel or dashboard, we'll keep the leather in your vehicle looking and feeling like new.

With our comprehensive vehicle reconditioning services, you can rest assured that your vehicle is optimally protected and retains its value. Rely on our expertise and commitment to excellent service to make your vehicle shine like new.


We offer an exclusive restoration service for classic cars. Our experienced restoration specialists are adept at tracking down original parts to restore vehicles to their original condition. Through our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we bring classic cars back to life and preserve their maximum value. Each project is unique, and we strive to preserve the unique character and timeless splendor of these historic vehicles. Experience the fascination of restoration with us and enjoy the unforgettable driving experience in a masterfully restored classic car.


We offer our demanding customers a comprehensive inspection service, where all necessary checks of their vehicle are carried out at the same time. Our highly qualified technicians perform a thorough check of the technical condition and replace wear parts such as brake pads and tires if necessary.

To ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, we always perform an up-to-date inspection according to the manufacturer's specifications before delivery. In the process, we create a detailed check-up report that transparently documents the technical as well as visual condition for you. Our goal is to provide you with full transparency and ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition.


As part of our comprehensive service offering, we are happy to handle the registration of your vehicle for you. We understand that the bureaucratic requirements and time pressures of registering a vehicle can often be challenging. That's why we make sure this process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our experienced team will take care of all the necessary documents, paperwork and formalities to get your vehicle registered quickly and smoothly. We have the expertise and connections to simplify the registration process for you, so you can focus on the driving experience of your new vehicle.


Our service goes beyond the mere sale - we also offer you a comprehensive transport and delivery service for vehicles. Whether you need your vehicle transported nationally or internationally, we can organize the smooth process for you.

Our dedicated team works with experienced logistics partners to ensure that your vehicle is delivered safely and on time to the desired destination. We take care of all the necessary formalities, such as customs clearance and transport insurance, to provide you with a stress-free and reliable transport.

Expert opinion

We offer comprehensive services in the field of appraisals and vehicle registrations as well as special inspections for your vehicle. Our qualified experts will assist you in preparing valuation reports that professionally assess the current market value and condition of your vehicle.

In addition, we take care of Tüv registrations to ensure that your vehicle complies with legal requirements and has passed the necessary technical inspections. Our experts are familiar with the latest regulations and requirements and will be happy to help you register modifications or clarify special vehicle requirements.

For special vehicles or customizations, we also offer special inspections to ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary approvals and registrations. Our experts will assist you with all the necessary steps and ensure that your vehicle meets the legal requirements.

Financing / Leasing

To offer our customers maximum flexibility, we also have financing options and leasing options on offer. We understand that the purchase of a vehicle is a significant investment and therefore we are happy to assist you in finding the right financing solution for you.

Our expert team works closely with reputable financial institutions to offer you attractive financing options. We advise you individually and support you in finding the right financing structure that meets your needs and financial possibilities. In doing so, we place great emphasis on transparency and clear conditions so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

In addition, we can also offer you leasing options that allow you to use the vehicle of your choice for a certain period of time without buying it outright. Leasing offers you flexibility and financial advantages, as you can adjust the monthly installments and possibly benefit from tax advantages.

Bonded warehouse

We are proud to operate a bonded warehouse specifically for vehicles in Cologne. Our bonded warehouse offers our customers numerous advantages and greatly facilitates the import and export of vehicles.

It allows us to temporarily store vehicles while customs and tax formalities are completed. This provides our customers with greater flexibility and facilitates the smooth processing of international shipments and transactions.

Thanks to our expertise in customs clearance and our close cooperation with the relevant authorities, we can guarantee fast and efficient processing. We take care of all the necessary documents and formalities to ensure that your vehicle is properly imported or exported.

Our bonded warehouse offers you the assurance that your vehicle will be kept absolutely safe and secure while all the necessary steps for the customs process are carried out. We place great emphasis on security and care to ensure that your vehicle remains in top condition.


We offer a comprehensive brokerage service for the purchase and sale of vehicles. As an experienced broker, we bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate optimal transactions.

Our dedicated team has an extensive network of potential buyers and sellers, both nationally and internationally. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual requirements and find the perfect vehicle for them or facilitate the optimal sale.

We handle the entire brokerage process, from vehicle valuation to negotiations and contract execution. Discretion is our top priority in this process. We understand that buying or selling a vehicle often involves personal and confidential information. Therefore, we treat all details and data with utmost confidentiality.